Sunday, August 3, 2014

Soccer and the beach

This week marked the start of itty bitty soccer for Eric.   So far soccer seems to be his favorite.   That could have something to do with having his cousin, Jason, on the same team.  
So a little back story on this cousin, back in my infertile days I was really disappointed to not be expecting at the same time as several sister in laws.  I had wonderful close cousins growing up and wanted my children to have the same.  It really hurt me to think that we might be on a different family schedule than the others who were still adding to their families.    Imagine my joy when I found out that one of my wonderful sister in laws was expecting a baby just 6 months after Erics due date and even more excited to find out this baby was a boy (because let's face it, boys had been scarce on both sides of the family).

Fast forward 3 years and here are the two running laps together at soccer.  I love seeing the friendship developing these two.  Add to that how wonderful all the older cousins are on both sides and the babies born between Eric and Luke on both sides my fears for my children's cousin situation were completely unfounded. 
**please excuse all the horrible phone pictures.  That's pretty much all I use anymore.  

Speaking of great cousins,  Brians side of the family coordinates a weekly cousin activity during the summer.  It's a great thing others take charge and do this because I am an aweful planner and never get around to actually scheduling time with cousins if someone else doesn't do it.  But this week was at a little pond nearbye that actually has a fun beach to it.  The kids all had a wonderful time playing in the sand and the water stayed shallow for a little while so it was good for the littles.  Luke ate more than his fair share of the sand (I promise we do actually feed him), eric loved the cousin time and was telling me he missed his cousins as soon as we were backing out.  It was a great pond and I think we will be planning a picnic donner there before cooler weather starts rolling in. 


Julie L said...

looks so fun! I want to join you for your picnic dinner. Please? Love the soccer, too. These are such fun opportunities for little ones to sample all the great variety of sports out there!

Makinzee Loveridge said...

I haven't given soccer a try with my kids mostly becuase I hated it as a kid. So much running!

Hey, we are having a cousin reunion on Saturday. No excuses not to come!:)